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Title: Download Aaron Shust – Can’t Hide From Your Love [Mp3+Lyrics]

Aaron Shust’s “Can’t Hide From Your Love” is an anthem of surrender and acceptance, a heartfelt expression of the overwhelming and all-encompassing nature of divine love. Released in 2007 on his album “Whispered and Shouted,” the song has resonated with audiences for its powerful simplicity and its ability to capture the essence of being caught in the irresistible pull of a love that transcends human understanding.

The song opens with a vulnerability that immediately draws the listener in. Shust sings, “I was lost and I was blind / I was begging for a sign / That someone / Somewhere heard me.” This confession of uncertainty and longing sets the stage for the transformative experience that unfolds.


As the melody builds, Shust describes the awakening to God’s presence. He hears a whisper in the wind and a shout in the waves, realizing that he is not alone and that his pleas have been heard. This moment of revelation is marked by a shift in the lyrics, from fear and doubt to joy and acceptance.

The chorus explodes with the central message of the song: “You’re everything I ever wanted and never knew I needed / You’re everywhere I ever go / I can’t hide from Your love anymore.” This declaration is not just a statement of belief, but a celebration of the overwhelming power of God’s love. Shust acknowledges that he may have tried to resist this love in the past, but now he realizes that it is futile and unnecessary.

The second verse further explores the transformative effect of God’s love. Shust describes how he begins to “drop his guard,” allowing himself to be vulnerable and open to the divine embrace. He is surrounded by beauty and wonder, experiencing a foretaste of “Heaven’s Symphony.”


The chorus returns with even greater intensity, emphasizing the unchanging and relentless nature of God’s love. Shust asks, “Why would I want to? / I don’t want to,” signifying his complete surrender to the loving arms of God.

“Can’t Hide From Your Love” is not just a song; it is an experience. Shust’s powerful vocals and the simple yet evocative instrumentation create a space for listeners to connect with their own faith and experience the awe and wonder of God’s love. The song’s message is universal, transcending religious boundaries to speak to anyone who has ever felt lost and alone. It is a reminder that we are never truly alone, and that God’s love is always present, waiting to be embraced.

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Can’t Hide From Your Love Lyrics By Aaron Shust

I was lost and I was blindI was begging for a signThat someoneSomewhere heard meAs You whispered in the windAnd You shouted in the wavesThat You heard meThat You loved meAnd I could finallyStop resistingYou’re Everything I ever wantedAnd never knew I neededYou’re Everywhere I ever goI can’t hide from Your Love anymoreI begin to drop my guardFaithful as the Morning StarYou show me tender mercyI’m surrounded by Your beautyI get lost in Heaven’sSymphonyIt never changesNever endingUnrelentingWhy would I want to?I don’t want to.

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