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Title: Download Aaron Shust – Create Again [Mp3+Lyrics]

Create Again is a beautiful song by Aaron Shust that speaks to the power of God to renew and restore us. The song begins with a confession of sin and brokenness, but it quickly moves to a place of hope and promise. Shust sings about how God can take our broken pieces and make us something new again.

These lyrics are a reminder that no matter how broken we may feel, God is always there to pick us up and start over. He is the ultimate healer and redeemer, and He has the power to make all things new.


The song is full of imagery that speaks to the transformative power of God’s love. Shust sings about being “washed clean” and “made new,” and he compares God’s work to the way a potter creates a new vessel from clay. These images are a reminder that God is not limited by our past mistakes or failures. He can take us as we are and make us into something beautiful.

“Create Again” is a song of hope and encouragement for anyone who is feeling lost or broken. It is a reminder that God is always with us, and He is always working to restore us to His original design.

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Create Again Lyrics By Aaron Shust

Separated from night
You spoke and then there was light
They point to You
Divided water from land
Bowing to Your command
They point to You
The sun that’s blazing at noon
And every phase of the moon
They point to You.
A baby’s cry and the way
A sunset closes the day
They point to You.
For You’re the only One worth praising
More radiant than earth and sky
And everyday that I survey Your creation
I see why I see why
God of everything I see,
Come create again in me
You were yesterday
and You will always be
So take each breath that I breathe
And be the life that I bleed
Create again in me
The storm that’s raging at sea
The little child on her knees
They point to You
Your grace that’s poured out on me
The sacrifice on a tree
They point to You
Your Word vaults across the sky
From sunrise to sunset
Melting the ice, scorching the desert
Warm our hearts to faith
(create again in me)

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