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Title: Download Aaron Shust – I Will Wait [Mp3+Lyrics]

Released in 2007 on the album “Whispered and Shouted,” Aaron Shust’s “I Will Wait” has become a modern Christian classic, resonating with listeners for its powerful message of unwavering faith and unwavering hope in the face of life’s challenges. This review delves deeper into the song’s strengths, analyzes its impact, and explores its lasting legacy.

“I Will Wait” is a song of profound reassurance, offering comfort and strength in moments of doubt and despair. Shust paints a vivid picture of God’s constant presence and unwavering love, even when darkness seems to surround us. The lyrics, “When I am tired, You bring me comfort / When I am weak, You give me strength,” are a powerful testament to God’s unfailing support. The repeated refrain, “I will wait, I will wait for You,” serves as a declaration of unwavering faith and hope, even when the wait seems long and arduous.


The song’s musical composition perfectly complements its message. The gentle piano melody creates a sense of calmness and introspection, while Shust’s warm and heartfelt vocals convey the depth of his faith and conviction. The gradual build-up of the music towards the end adds a touch of power and anthemic quality, further emphasizing the song’s message of perseverance.

“I Will Wait” has had a significant impact on the Christian music landscape, becoming a beloved worship song sung in churches around the world. Its message of hope and assurance has resonated with countless individuals facing various trials and tribulations, offering solace and strength in times of need. The song’s continued popularity is a testament to its timeless message and its ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. “I Will Wait” is sure to remain a beloved staple in the Christian music landscape for many years to come.

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I Will Wait Lyrics By Aaron Shust

When I am tired You bring me comfort
(I will wait; I will wait for You)
When I am weak You give me strength
(I will wait; I will wait for You)
When I can’t walk You give me wings like an eagle
(I will wait; I will wait for You)
When I’m alone You bring me peace
(I will wait)
I will wait for Your mercy
I will wait for Your plan to unfold
I will wait for Your mercies are new every morning
When I am wounded You heal my broken bones
(I will wait; I will wait for You)
And when I sing You fill my heart with joy
(I will wait; I will wait for You)
And when I fear the unknown You give me peace
(I will wait; I will wait for You)
And when I call, You always answer me
(I will wait)
We wait for You like watchmen wait for morning
We wait for You like creation waits for spring
We wait for You knowing sometimes without warning
You reveal Your plan in ways that maybe we don’t understand
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