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Aaron Shust’s “Long Live the King” is more than just a song; it’s a powerful anthem of worship that transcends musical boundaries and resonates deeply with the human spirit. Released in 2007 on the album “Whispered and Shouted,” this song has become a cornerstone of contemporary Christian music, inspiring countless individuals with its unwavering faith and passionate devotion.

The song’s opening verses strike a relatable chord, acknowledging life’s uncertainties and struggles. Shust sings of his uncontrolled heartbeat and the mystery of his own breath, setting the stage for an exploration of faith in the face of life’s unpredictable nature. He declares his willingness to face any storm, whether it be a flood or fire, acknowledging the ultimate surrender to God’s will.


The chorus explodes with vibrant energy, proclaiming the reign of the “King of All Creation.” Shust sings of God’s complete control over every moment, big and small, offering a comforting assurance amidst life’s uncertainties. The repetitive refrain, “Long live the One who gives us Life and peace and hope for tomorrow,” becomes a mantra of unwavering faith and gratitude.

Shust moves on to express his profound appreciation for God’s grace. He acknowledges mankind’s unworthiness yet celebrates the unmerited pardon and forgiveness offered by God. The imagery of grievances vanishing without a trace speaks to the powerful cleansing effect of God’s love.

The song’s bridge takes a more introspective turn, acknowledging the brokenness and imperfection of humanity. Yet, amidst this vulnerability, Shust finds solace in God’s restorative power. The imagery of shattered pieces being assembled into something more beautiful speaks to God’s ability to redeem and transform even the most broken lives.


The final verse returns to the powerful chorus, reiterating the everlasting reign of God. The repetition of “You Shall Reign Forever and Ever” leaves a lasting impression, emphasizing the eternal nature of God’s kingdom and reign.

“Long Live the King” is not just a song of praise; it’s a declaration of complete surrender and devotion to God. It’s a song that reminds us that regardless of life’s circumstances, God reigns supreme, offering hope, peace, and love that surpasses all understanding.

Beyond the lyrical content, Shust’s passionate vocals and the driving tempo of the music contribute to the song’s powerful impact. The arrangement, featuring soaring guitars and a driving beat, perfectly complements the lyrical message, creating an atmosphere of worship and adoration.

“Long Live the King” has become a staple in church services and personal worship playlists for a reason. It’s a song that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds, offering comfort, hope, and a reminder of the unwavering presence of God. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the song’s profound message and its ability to connect with the hearts of listeners on a deep and personal level.

In conclusion, “Long Live the King” by Aaron Shust is more than just a song; it’s a timeless anthem of faith and devotion. With its powerful lyrics, passionate vocals, and driving music, it serves as a reminder of God’s ultimate reign and the hope that lies in complete surrender to His love and grace. This song will continue to inspire and uplift listeners for many years to come, solidifying its place as a cornerstone of contemporary Christian music.

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Long Live The King Lyrics By Aaron Shust

My heart keeps beating even though I can’t control it.
My lungs keep breathing I admit I don’t know how.
Bring the flood or bring the fire in this lifetime
I’m ready for the altar or the plough
There are always days when I don’t feel like singing
There are always days when I don’t care at all
But I know the King of All Creation reigns completely
Over every moment great and small
Long live the One who gives us
Life and peace and hope for tomorrow
You’ve given everything we needed
From the palm of Your hand
I’ll give my everything to the One
Who pledged to cancel My sorrow
All I have is Yours (Long Live the King)
Humbly we approach Your throne of Mercy
Aware that we’re unworthy of Your Grace
(But) You have offered pardon and forgiveness
Grievances are gone without a trace
You restore our lives even though we don’t deserve it
And You’ve given us a love that’s not our own
You assemble all our broken, shattered pieces:
More beautiful than I had ever known
You Shall Reign Forever and Ever
You Shall Reign, You Shall Reign
Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever and

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