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Title: Download Aaron Shust – Runaway [Mp3+Lyrics]

Released in 2007 on the album Whispered and Shouted, “Runaway” is a powerful song by Christian singer-songwriter Aaron Shust. It has become a favorite among many for its relatable message and uplifting melody.

The song explores the theme of running away from God. Shust paints a vivid picture of someone feeling lost and alone, burdened by their mistakes and imperfections. They long to escape their problems and find solace somewhere else. However, the song ultimately delivers a message of hope and redemption. Shust reminds listeners that God’s love is constant and unfailing, even when we feel like running away. He encourages us to turn back to God, knowing that He will always welcome us back with open arms.


Musically, “Runaway” is a beautiful and moving ballad. The piano-driven melody is simple yet elegant, and Shust’s vocals are heartfelt and expressive. The song builds in intensity throughout the chorus, culminating in a powerful and emotional climax.

“Runaway” is a powerful and moving song that speaks to the universal human experience of feeling lost and alone. Shust’s heartfelt vocals and the beautiful melody combine to create a truly unforgettable listening experience. This song is a must-listen for anyone who is seeking hope and encouragement in their lives.

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Runaway Lyrics By Aaron Shust

I would leave My world behind
Give up everything that’s mine
If I could know you
I would leave behind My home
Enter your world all alone
If I could find you
It doesn’t matter if you run away
It doesn’t matter if you hide
I would leave my world far behind
This love inside of Me; it’s never gonna die
And I don’t care how far away you roam
No I don’t care how far away you roam
I’ll come running out with open arms to welcome you back home
I’ll come running out with open arms to welcome you back home
I would love to see our name
Engraved upon a picture frame
On my mantle

I would love to see your face
Every morning as you wake up
To see Me
I just wish that I could talk to you
Because I love you more than life

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