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Title: Download Andrae Andrew Peterson – Shiloh [Mp3+Lyrics]

Shiloh is a song by American singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson. It was released on his 1995 album, Carried Along. The song is about a place of peace and rest, where there is no sorrow or pain. It is a beautiful song that has been praised by many critics.

The song is written from the perspective of a person who is looking for a place of peace. The singer is tired of the troubles of the world and is longing for a place where he can be at rest. He finds this place in Shiloh, a place that is described as being “free from sorrow and pain.”


The song is full of imagery that evokes a sense of peace and tranquility. The singer describes Shiloh as being a place where “the waters are clear and the skies are always blue.” He also mentions that there are no tears or pain in Shiloh, and that everyone is happy.


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Shiloh Lyrics By Andrew Peterson

Rickety fence and a rocking chair
The smell of my father’s pipe
Cackling goose in the summer air
The garden is green and ripe

Suddenly now I’m far away
Even if in my mind
I’m listening to my mama saying
“If you can find the time

“Come home, come home and rest awhile
Come home, come home and rest awhile
Get on home to Shiloh”
The farther I have wandered off
The fonder I have grown, Shiloh
Yeah, all the while I find a smile
Thinkin’ about my home
The autumn breeze is calling me away
Calling me home to Shiloh

Over the ocean the soldier sailed
The battle is finally won
His mother is pressed up against the railing
Trying to find her son
Suddenly now she sees a face
Easy to recognize
It’s been years to wait for the sweet embrace
Holding him as she cries
“You’d better get on home to Shiloh”

The farther that you wander off
The fonder you will grow, Shiloh
Yeah, all the while he found a smile
Thinkin’ about his home
A sweet reunion coming through in waves
Calling him home to Shiloh

I’ve been thinkin’ about my home
I’ve never been but I will, I know
Meadow green and the river wide
Valley deep and the mountain high

The saints of old are singing now (Shiloh)
My ears are ringing with the sound (Shiloh)
But greater still, as clear as day (Shiloh)
I can hear my Savior saying
I can hear my Savior saying
I can hear my Savior say

“Come home, come home and rest awhile
Come home, come home and rest awhile”

Better get on home to Shiloh

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