Apostle Michael Orokpo – The voice of God


Apostle Michael Orokpo expounds on the nuanced process of discerning the voice of God amidst the cacophony of life’s noises. He may delve into the various channels through which God speaks, whether through scripture, prayer, promptings, or supernatural encounters. The sermon aims to guide believers in developing a sensitive spirit to recognize the distinct voice of the divine.

Throughout the discourse, Apostle Michael Orokpo is expected to draw upon a rich tapestry of scriptural references to underscore the biblical foundations of understanding the voice of God. These references may include narratives of individuals in the Bible who encountered God through His voice, emphasizing the continuity of this sacred communication throughout history.

The sermon explores the intimate nature of communication with God. Apostle Michael Orokpo may delve into how the voice of God is not merely an external command but a beckoning to a deeper relationship. The discourse may unravel the idea that recognizing God’s voice fosters a profound intimacy, drawing believers closer to the heart of the Divine.

Building on the recognition of God’s voice, the sermon likely emphasizes the importance of obedience. Apostle Michael Orokpo may articulate how responding in obedience to the divine voice is integral to the believer’s spiritual journey. The sermon could explore the transformative power embedded in aligning one’s actions with the directives received from God.


Acknowledging the complexities of life, the discourse may provide insights into how the voice of God serves as a guiding compass. Apostle Michael Orokpo may share practical wisdom on navigating life’s challenges, making decisions, and finding purpose through the consistent and discerning hearing of God’s voice.


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