Apostle Mike Orokpo – Building By The Word: Sermon


Apostle Mike Orokpo may metaphorically expound on the idea of building a spiritual edifice. He might draw parallels between the construction of a physical building and the intentional, step-by-step process of building a life anchored in the Word of God. The sermon could offer practical insights on the essential components for a strong spiritual foundation.

The discourse extends beyond theoretical discussions, offering practical insights into how individuals can actively build their lives by the Word. Apostle Mike Orokpo may provide guidance on incorporating regular Bible study, meditation, and application of biblical principles into daily routines. The emphasis is likely on translating the knowledge of the Word into transformative actions.

Acknowledging the challenges that believers face, the sermon may explore how building by the Word equips individuals to navigate the complexities of life. Apostle Mike Orokpo may provide wisdom on facing trials, making decisions, and responding to adversity through the lens of God’s Word, emphasizing the stability and resilience it provides.

The discourse is expected to illuminate the transformative power of the Word of God in shaping every aspect of a believer’s life. Apostle Mike Orokpo may share illustrative examples or personal testimonies that underscore the profound impact of aligning one’s life with the transformative truths found in the Scriptures.


The sermon concludes with a powerful synthesis of the explored themes, leaving the audience with a heightened understanding of the significance of building by the Word. Apostle Mike Orokpo’s delivery is anticipated to be marked by spiritual insight, passion, and an invitation for believers to actively engage in the intentional construction of their lives on the unchanging and life-giving Word of God.

In essence, “Building By The Word: Sermon” serves not just as a theological discourse but as a practical guide for believers, encouraging them to lay a firm foundation for their lives and spiritual journeys by anchoring themselves in the transformative truths of God’s Word.


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