Averly Morillo – MesíAs


In her latest single, “Mesías,” Averly Morillo delivers a soul-stirring tribute to the incomparable power and majesty of Jesus Christ. Translating to “Messiah” in English, the song serves as a heartfelt expression of worship and adoration for the Savior. Through Morillo’s impassioned vocals and stirring instrumentation, listeners are invited to embark on a profound journey of faith and reverence.

From the very first note, “Mesías” captivates the listener’s heart with its stirring melody and soulful delivery. Averly Morillo’s vocals are imbued with emotion and sincerity, drawing listeners into a sacred space of worship and contemplation. The lyrics, rich with spiritual depth and devotion, serve as a testament to the exalted status of Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

As the song unfolds, Morillo’s lyrical imagery paints a vivid portrait of the majesty and sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Each verse becomes a heartfelt proclamation of praise and adoration, as the singer magnifies the name of the Savior. The chorus, with its resounding declaration of “Mesías,” becomes a reverent refrain that echoes through the hearts of listeners.

In the bridge, Morillo leads a powerful crescendo of worship, as the music swells and hearts are lifted in reverence. It’s a moment of divine encounter, where listeners are invited to experience the overwhelming presence of Jesus Christ. The song culminates in a triumphant affirmation of faith and praise, as Morillo exalts the name of the Messiah.



Averly Morillo – MesíAs Lyrics

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