Ben & Chance Ministry – Icyubahiro


In the uplifting musical creation titled “Icyubahiro” by Ben & Chance Ministry, listeners are treated to a soul-stirring experience that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. The talented duo, Ben and Chance, skillfully blend traditional Rwandan sounds with contemporary musical elements, creating a harmonious fusion that not only pays homage to their cultural roots but also introduces a fresh and invigorating perspective to the global music scene.

The title, “Icyubahiro,” holds significant meaning as it translates to “Glory” in English, setting the thematic tone for a song that beckons audiences to partake in a celebration of divine splendor and majesty.

The composition of “Icyubahiro” showcases Ben & Chance Ministry’s musical versatility, incorporating rhythmic beats and melodic arrangements inspired by the rich tapestry of Rwandan musical traditions.

The song becomes a joyous celebration, both culturally and spiritually, where the energetic delivery and heartfelt lyrics converge to create an atmosphere of reverent praise. Ben & Chance’s ability to seamlessly merge traditional elements with contemporary sounds positions them as noteworthy contributors to the evolving landscape of gospel music.



Ben & Chance Ministry – Icyubahiro Lyrics

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