Ben & Chance – Njyewe Ubivuze Ft. Aimé Frank


The collaborative effort between Ben & Chance and Aimé Frank in the creation of the single “Njyewe Ubivuze” is a remarkable celebration of musical talent and cultural richness. In this harmonious fusion, the artists showcase not only their musical prowess but also the ability of music to serve as a bridge between diverse cultural influences.

The song is a cultural celebration that intricately weaves together contemporary sounds with the authentic essence of Rwandan musical traditions. “Njyewe Ubivuze” becomes a testament to the power of music to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, fostering a melodic dialogue that connects listeners across different backgrounds.

At the heart of this collaboration is a distinctive blend of Afrobeat and traditional Rwandan sounds. The rhythmic beats and infectious melodies create a captivating sonic tapestry that reflects both the artists’ individual talents and the shared cultural influences that inspire the composition. The seamless synergy between Ben & Chance and Aimé Frank elevates the impact of the song, making it a unique and memorable contribution to the global music landscape.

One notable aspect is the fluidity with which the vocals navigate between languages, adding a layer of richness to the song. This linguistic versatility not only enhances the sonic diversity of “Njyewe Ubivuze” but also reinforces the idea that music is a universal language that can be appreciated and enjoyed by audiences worldwide.



Ben & Chance – Njyewe Ubivuze Ft. Aimé Frank Lyrics

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