Big Daddy Weave – Fields Of Grace | [FULL ALBUM]


In the realm of contemporary Christian music, few bands captivate audiences with the same fervor and spiritual resonance as Big Daddy Weave. Their latest offering, the full album titled ‘Fields of Grace,’ serves as a musical pilgrimage, inviting listeners to embark on a profound spiritual journey. Let’s delve into the heart of this transformative musical experience and explore the spiritual landscapes painted by each track.

The journey begins with the instrumental overture, aptly named “Prelude.” This gentle introduction sets the stage for what lies ahead, creating an atmospheric canvas that beckons listeners to enter a sacred space of reflection and anticipation. Without uttering a single word, Big Daddy Weave communicates a sense of reverence and sets the tone for the spiritual voyage that unfolds throughout the album.

The title track, “Fields of Grace,” emerges as the heartbeat of the album. Here, Big Daddy Weave seamlessly blends their signature musical style with a powerful message centered around the abundance of divine grace. The lyrics, infused with gratitude and celebration, invite listeners to bask in the boundless love and unmerited favor that grace provides. Musically, the song is a harmonious fusion of gospel elements, showcasing the band’s vocal prowess and the carefully crafted arrangements.

Transitioning into “You In Me,” the album takes a more intimate turn. This soulful composition explores the profound concept of having the divine presence within. Big Daddy Weave’s emotive vocals convey the depth of communion and surrender, creating a sacred space for listeners to reflect on the transformative reality of God’s indwelling spirit. The repetition of the title becomes a poignant mantra, echoing the heartfelt desire for an intimate union with the divine.


As the album progresses, “Completely Free” emerges as a liberating anthem. The song articulates a powerful message of spiritual emancipation, urging listeners to cast off the chains of spiritual bondage. With a harmonious blend of gospel elements, Big Daddy Weave creates a sonic landscape that celebrates the freedom found in surrender and redemption. The song becomes a rallying cry for those seeking liberation in their spiritual journey.

‘Fields of Grace’ by Big Daddy Weave is more than just an album; it is a spiritual odyssey that invites listeners to explore the depths of divine grace, experience the intimacy of God’s presence, and revel in the freedom found in complete surrender. Each track contributes to a symphony of worship, gratitude, and transformation. As we navigate the musical landscapes of this full album, we find ourselves immersed in a sacred journey—one that resonates with the timeless themes of faith, love, and the unending grace that encompasses the human experience.

List Of Tracks: Big Daddy Weave – Fields Of Grace | [FULL ALBUM]

  1. Set Me Free
  2. Why
  3. New Every Morning
  4. Fields Of Grace
  5. Listen To “Heart Cries Holy”
  6. Everything You Are
  7. Big Daddy Weave
  8. Pharisee
  9. Prelude
  10. Completely Free
  11. You In Me
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