Big Daddy Weave – Pharisee


In the realm of Christian music, Big Daddy Weave has consistently delivered songs that resonate with the journey of faith and the complexities of the human spirit. Their track “Pharisee” is a powerful and introspective exploration of self-awareness, grace, and the transformative journey toward a deeper relationship with God. Join us as we unravel the layers of meaning within this poignant composition and reflect on the themes that make “Pharisee” a soul-searching anthem.

“Pharisee” opens a door to self-reflection, inviting listeners to examine the depths of their own hearts. The title itself draws attention to the biblical archetype of the Pharisee—an individual characterized by religious legalism and a lack of true understanding. Big Daddy Weave uses this concept as a starting point to explore the human tendency to fall into similar patterns of self-righteousness.

The lyrics of “Pharisee” act as a mirror, reflecting the internal struggles and vulnerabilities that many believers grapple with. Lines such as “I’m thinking I’m not where I need to be” encapsulate the universal experience of feeling inadequate on the spiritual journey. The song becomes a gentle but firm nudge toward self-awareness and humility.

At its core, “Pharisee” is a song of grace. It acknowledges the imperfections and shortcomings that reside within the human heart but emphasizes the boundless mercy and love that God extends to all. The lyrics unfold like a prayer, expressing a sincere desire for transformation and a longing for a deeper connection with the divine.



Big Daddy Weave – Pharisee Lyrics

Hear no evil, see no evil
Speak no evil
On the outside
Full of pride, full of lies
So well they hide
On the inside

They’ll never be
All that they seem
They live the life of a Pharisee


Not perfect on the surface
So far to go
On the outside
But a true heart
And a new start is what lives on the inside

For whom the Son has set free
He is free
Free indeed

Receive the Son who makes us free
Then you will be free indeed

Receive the Son who makes us free
Then you will be free

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