Big Daddy Weave – Why


Big Daddy Weave’s musical brilliance shines in “Why,” as they masterfully blend heartfelt lyrics with an evocative melody. The instrumentation mirrors the emotional journey, moving seamlessly from moments of contemplation to powerful crescendos that mirror the intensity of life’s inquiries. The acoustic elements, coupled with the band’s signature vocal sincerity, create a captivating musical experience that mirrors the complexity of the questions posed in the lyrics.

“Why” is not merely a song; it is an invitation to embark on a spiritual exploration. It serves as a bridge between the human heart and the divine, acknowledging the tension that often exists between faith and the mysteries that elude our understanding. Through its musical and lyrical nuances, the song encourages listeners to embrace the uncertainty, trusting that, in the seeking, there is a deepening of faith and a profound connection with the divine.

Big Daddy Weave’s “Why” is a lyrical and melodic journey into the heart of the human experience. As we traverse the questions and uncertainties posed by life, we find solace in the honesty of the song’s lyrics and the soul-stirring melodies that accompany them. In “Why,” we discover not only a song that resonates with our deepest inquiries but a testament to the beauty of faith amidst life’s unanswered questions. It stands as an affirmation that, in the midst of uncertainty, there is a melody that echoes the heartbeat of our spiritual journey, inviting us to embrace the mystery and find meaning in the rhythm of life’s unanswered ‘whys.’



Big Daddy Weave – Why Lyrics

Walking down the road this life is on
The narrow path I try to stay
But I must confess I have a tendency to stray
I’d love to call it a mistake
A momentary lapse of faith
But the truth is sometimes I feel like I’m being dragged away
By the other side that people never see
A war is on between the good and bad inside of me
Why do I do all the things that I do
When I want to do what is right
Change this wicked heart of mine
Let me walk with you in the new life
So what will ever put an end
To my recurring bout with sin
It seems I’m always at a loss for a way to win
When what I really need to do
Is to confront it with the truth
And let Your words of life sink in and make my mind brand new
A transformation that happens over time
Is the product of a renewed mind
Create in me a clean heart
Place Your spirit deep inside
Capture every thought
Til there’s no place left to hide
Why do I do all the things that I do
When I want to do what is right
Change this wicked heart of mine
Let me walk with you in the new life

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