Bignon – Seigneur


Bignon’s artistry is characterized by a profound connection to his faith and a vocal style that resonates with authenticity. Hailing from a rich heritage of gospel and soul influences, Bignon has become a distinctive voice in the contemporary gospel music scene. His commitment to crafting music that transcends cultural boundaries speaks to the universal language of worship.

A Melodic Offering of Devotion “Seigneur,” translated as “Lord” in English, is a musical masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of heartfelt devotion. Bignon’s vocals, rich with sincerity and reverence, serve as a vessel for conveying a deep spiritual connection. The song’s lyrics are a poetic expression of adoration and praise, creating an atmosphere of worship that transcends the boundaries of language.

Lyrically, “Seigneur” delves into themes of surrender, gratitude, and the acknowledgment of the divine presence. Bignon’s heartfelt verses paint a vivid picture of a soul in communion with its Creator, making the song a poignant prayer of devotion. The melodic cadence becomes a vehicle for listeners to join in the sacred act of worship.

Musical Brilliance and Production The production of “Seigneur” showcases Bignon’s musical brilliance in creating a composition that elevates the spirit. The arrangement skillfully combines traditional gospel elements with contemporary sensibilities, resulting in a harmonious blend that resonates with listeners on a profound level. The instrumentation serves as a complementary backdrop to Bignon’s emotive vocals, creating a sonic atmosphere that enhances the devotional experience.


Bignon’s Impact “Seigneur” stands as a testament to Bignon’s impact as an artist who transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. His ability to convey deep spiritual messages through music has garnered him a diverse and dedicated following. Bignon’s commitment to authenticity in worship is reflected in the way his music has touched the hearts of listeners globally.


Bignon – Seigneur Lyrics

Seigneur je veux te voir
Seigneur je veux entendre ta voix
J’ai besoin que tu fasses quelque chose  de nouveau
J’ai besoin que tu m’emmènes à
Un autre niveau
Seigneur aide-moi à toujours y croire
Seigneur Tu le sais c’est pour ta gloire
Je veux être ce juste dont
Tu parles dans ta parole
Je veux te rendre fier
Tel un digne fils de son père


Un autre niveau avec toi
Un monde nouveau mais pas sans toi
À un autre niveau emmène-moi
C’est ce que désire mon cœur

Lord I wanna see you
Lord I wanna hear you
I need you to do something new in my life
I need you to take me to a better level
Lord help me to always believe
Lord you know it’s for your glory
I wanna be that righteous person in your eye
I must be the son who makes his father proud

Another level with you
A new world but not without you
To a better level, take me there
That’s what my soul desires

Another level, another level
Another level with you
Another level, another level
Another level with you
À un autre niveau, à un autre niveau
À un autre niveau avec toi
À un autre niveau, à un autre niveau
À un autre niveau avec toi

Avec toi, Seigneur emmène moi
Oui Seigneur emmène moi

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