Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. – Save The Children


As we celebrate Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. and the enduring impact of “Save The Children,” there’s a sense of anticipation for the future. With a career marked by compassion, faith, and musical excellence, Bishop Morton continues to inspire generations, leaving an indelible mark on both gospel music and the pursuit of social justice.

At the heart of Bishop Morton’s multifaceted career lies the socially conscious and emotionally charged anthem, “Save The Children.” This song is more than a musical composition; it’s a heartfelt plea, a call to action, and a poignant reminder of the responsibility to protect and nurture the youngest members of our society.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.’s “Save The Children” is more than a song; it’s a powerful testament to the intersection of artistry and advocacy. Through his dedication to ministry and his unwavering commitment to social justice, Bishop Morton invites us to join in the harmonious melodies of compassion, urging us to actively contribute to the cause of saving the children. As we reflect on his enduring legacy, let us be inspired by the timeless harmonies of faith, activism, and the transformative power of song.



Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. Save The Children Lyrics

What’s Going On
Save The Children

I just want to ask a question
Who really cares?
To save a world in despair
There’ll come a time, when the world won’t be singin’
Flowers won’t grow, bells won’t be ringin’
Who really cares?
Who’s willing to try to save a world
That’s destined to die
When I look at the world it fills me with sorrow
Little children today are really gonna suffer tomorrow
Oh what a shame, such a bad way to live
All who is to blame, we can’t stop livin’
Live, live for life
But let live everybody
Live life for the children
Oh, for the children
You see, let’s save the children
Let’s save all the children
Save the babies, save the babies
If you wanna love, you got to save the babies
All of the children
But who really cares
Who’s willing to try
Yes, to save a world
Yea, save our sweet world
Save a world that is destined to die
Oh, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Oh, oh dig it everybody

What’s Going On
Save The Children

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