Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. – Story Of Calvary


In the tapestry of gospel music, there are voices that rise like psalms, telling stories of faith, redemption, and the transformative power of divine love. Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., stands as a luminary in this sacred realm—an artist whose life’s work is a harmonious blend of ministry and melodies. Today, let’s delve into the poignant narrative of the “Story of Calvary” and explore the layers of Bishop Morton’s inspiring journey.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. is not merely an artist; he is a spiritual shepherd ordained as a bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. His calling extends beyond the pulpit, resonating through the timeless hymns and songs that echo the stories of salvation and grace.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.’s “Story of Calvary” is more than a song; it’s a sacred narrative that resonates with the human soul. Through his artistry and dedication to ministry, Bishop Morton invites us to join in the harmonious melodies, allowing the music to resonate in our hearts and inspire us to reflect on the timeless story of Calvary. As we delve into his enduring legacy, let us be moved by the transformative power of faith, reflection, and the divine narrative encapsulated in the sacred hymns of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.



Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. Story Of Calvary Lyrics

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