Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. – The Blood


Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. stands not only as an artist but as a spiritual shepherd, ordained as a bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. His calling is not confined to the pulpit but resonates through the powerful hymns and songs that weave tales of salvation and divine grace.

At the core of Bishop Morton’s expansive musical legacy lies the emotionally charged and spiritually resonant anthem, “The Blood.” This composition is more than a song; it’s a sacred declaration, a musical tapestry that unravels the transformative power of Christ’s blood. Through its poignant lyrics and soul-stirring composition, “The Blood” becomes a vessel for spiritual reflection and connection.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.’s strength lies in his ability to seamlessly intertwine artistry with ministry. “The Blood” is not merely a performance; it’s a sacred proclamation. Every note, every lyric, is carefully crafted to create an atmosphere where listeners can engage with the profound significance of the blood of Christ and find solace in the timeless message it carries.



Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. The Blood Lyrics

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