Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. – True Praise


In the illustrious world of gospel music, certain voices rise above the rest, and one such luminary is Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. A revered figure in both ministry and music, Bishop Morton’s career is a testament to unwavering faith, compassionate leadership, and an enduring commitment to uplifting souls through song. Today, let’s delve into the soul-stirring anthem “Who’s the One” and explore the profound impact of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.’s musical legacy.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.’s “True Praise” is more than a song; it’s a sacred journey of worship and celebration. Through his artistry and dedication to ministry, Bishop Morton invites us to join in the harmonious melodies, allowing the music to resonate in our hearts and inspire us to offer true praise. As we reflect on his enduring legacy, let us continue to be moved by the timeless harmonies of faith, celebration, and the transformative power of song.


Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. True Praise Lyrics

True praise,
I want to give you true praise.


Not just from the lips of me,
only from the heart of me,
true praise.

not just for the melody
not just for wonderful harmonies,
but true praise…
(Sopranos): Is what I want to offer You,
(Altos/Tenors): I want to offer You true praise.

Not for the crown that You’re giving,
as I try to run this race;
I want to behold Your face,
I want to thank You for Your saving grace,
but most of all I want to give You praise.


For the rest of my eternal life,
I want to give You
“hallelujahs”, “thank you Jesus'”, “and all the glory”;
real true, genuine praise…


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