Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. – Your Tears


In the vast tapestry of gospel music, certain voices resonate as soothing balm for the soul, and among them stands the revered Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. A towering figure in both ministry and music, Bishop Morton’s career has been marked by an unwavering commitment to faith and a compassionate spirit. Today, let’s delve into the heartfelt anthem “Your Tears” and explore the profound impact of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.’s musical legacy.

As we celebrate Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. and the enduring impact of “Your Tears,” there’s a sense of anticipation for the future. With a career marked by compassion, faith, and musical excellence, Bishop Morton continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the world of gospel music.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.’s “Your Tears” is not just a song; it’s a compassionate embrace and a testament to the healing power of music. Through his artistry and unwavering commitment to ministry, Bishop Morton has left an enduring legacy in the realm of gospel music. As we reflect on his musical journey, let us join in the soothing melodies of “Your Tears,” allowing the music to bring comfort to our hearts and inspire us to find solace in the arms of faith.



Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. Your Tears Lyrics

Your tears are just temporary relief
Your tears are just a release of the pain, sorrow, grief
Your tears are expressions that can’t controlled
A little crying out is alright
But after awhile you won’t have to cry no more
Don’t you worry, God’s gonna wipe every tear away
I won’t have to cry no more
I won’t have to cry no more
I won’t have to cry no more
When I reach the other shore
You promised me joy and peace
Oh what a blessed, swee relief
He’s gonna wipe, wipe
Wipe all of my tears away
Wepping may endure for a night
Joy will come in the morning
Hold on to His unchanging hand
Brand new day is to come
He’s gonna wipe

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