Blessing Offor – Last For Now


Multi-talented Nigerian-born, American Christian pop and gospel singer, songwriter, and composer, Blessing Offor has unveiled another heart-sparking track tagged “Last For Now”.

This inspiring track is part of his debut album tagged “My Tribe (Extended Edition)” which contains 19 tracks.


Blessing Offor was born blind in one eye and with limited vision in the other due to congenital glaucoma. He and his uncle relocated to Connecticut at 6 years old in order to treat the glaucoma and to preserve his remaining eyesight but when he was 10, he went completely blind due to an accident. He started composing music on piano and learned to play songs from Stevie Wonder and Sam Cook.



Last For Now Lyrics By Blessing Offor

Oh, the ground was rocky from the start

But we didn’t care cause we had the heart

And all our friends was up against us

But we wasn’t even scared

Cause we found the spark


But sparks turn to flames

And we get too close

If it gets too hot, can we breathe through the smoke, oh

Don’t know, I hope so


We’re only gonna last for now

And maybe that’s for the better

We always seem to crash somehow

Even in perfect weather

We’re good at having fun

But we don’t have the fundamentals down

We’re only gonna last for now

But for now, we’re together


So we fuss and we fight

And we love and we cry

Baby, I’ll take the lows

You take the highs

However it goes, they can’t say we didn’t try


Is love supposed to be this hard

I never figured out this part

I would wish you away

But I wouldn’t know where you are


Is love supposed to be this hard

I don’t know nothing ‘bout this part

I would wish you away

But I wouldn’t know where you are

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