Bridge Worship – LIVE from Fresh Wind: Night of Worship [ALBUM]


In the tapestry of musical expressions that stir the soul, there are artists who go beyond creating melodies—they craft experiences that resonate with the very core of our being. Bridge Worship, with their latest offering, “LIVE from Fresh Wind: Night of Worship,” invites us to embark on a celestial journey where music becomes a conduit for the divine. Let’s delve into the artist behind this transformative album and explore the enchanting world they’ve woven for us.

At the heart of Bridge Worship lies a collective of talented individuals driven by a shared passion for music and worship. Bridge Worship is not just a musical ensemble; it’s a community of artists dedicated to creating an atmosphere where worship becomes an immersive experience. Their commitment to authenticity and reverence in worship sets them apart in the contemporary Christian music landscape.

Lead by visionary worship leaders and musicians, Bridge Worship has become a dynamic force, embracing diversity and fostering an environment where the spirit of worship knows no bounds. Their journey is marked by a desire to bridge the gap between the human experience and the divine through the medium of music.


In the sacred space of worship, Bridge Worship emerges as a beacon, guiding us through a transformative journey with their latest album, “LIVE from Fresh Wind: Night of Worship.” As we immerse ourselves in the celestial sounds and heartfelt lyrics, we find ourselves connected—bridging the gap between the earthly and the divine. This album is more than a musical offering; it is an opportunity to experience the profound beauty of worship in its purest form, a bridge that spans the realms of the human heart and the divine presence.

List Of Tracks: Bridge Worship – LIVE from Fresh Wind: Night of Worship [ALBUM]

  1. Make Room
  2. When I Think About The Lord
  3. O Come To The Altar / Great Are You Lord
  4. Graves Into Gardens
  5. Only Name
  6. How High/Surrounded
  7. O Praise The Name (AnáStasis)


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