Daily Prophetic Encounter With Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo | February 6,


The upcoming “Daily Prophetic Encounter” with Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo scheduled for February 6th is poised to be an immensely enriching spiritual experience, brimming with divine insights and prophetic revelations.

Reverend Fatoyinbo, esteemed as the Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), is celebrated for his dynamic preaching style and renowned prophetic gifting. This daily encounter presents believers with a unique opportunity to partake in a divine exchange, wherein they can receive timely and specific messages directly from the heart of God through the vessel of Reverend Fatoyinbo.

With Reverend Fatoyinbo at the helm, the “Daily Prophetic Encounter” promises to be a spiritually invigorating event, where attendees can expect to be uplifted, inspired, and empowered by the profound truths and divine insights imparted. Through his insightful teachings and prophetic utterances, Reverend Fatoyinbo seeks to illuminate the path forward for believers, offering clarity, direction, and encouragement amidst life’s challenges and uncertainties.

As believers gather for this daily encounter, they can anticipate a divine encounter with the presence of God, wherein hearts are stirred, spirits are refreshed, and lives are transformed. Reverend Fatoyinbo’s prophetic ministry serves as a conduit through which believers can receive divine direction, revelation, and impartation, propelling them into greater levels of spiritual maturity and effectiveness in their walk with God.



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