Duyile Adegbuyi – WHOLE ft. Tomi Favored


Duyile Adegbuyi, a gifted artist in the realm of gospel music, unveils a soul-stirring collaboration titled “WHOLE,” featuring the enchanting vocals of Tomi Favored. In this content piece, we embark on a musical exploration of “WHOLE,” delving into the essence of the song and the harmonious synergy created by the collaboration between Duyile Adegbuyi and Tomi Favored.

The musical arrangement of “WHOLE” showcases Duyile Adegbuyi’s prowess in crafting a composition that seamlessly blends contemporary gospel elements with soulful undertones. The arrangement becomes a vessel for the message, enhancing the overall impact of the song and creating a melodic atmosphere of worship.

A Healing Anthem “WHOLE” emerges as a healing anthem, resonating with individuals on a profound level. The song’s narrative of surrender, redemption, and wholeness becomes a source of solace and inspiration for those navigating the complexities of life. Duyile Adegbuyi and Tomi Favored craft a musical journey that invites listeners into the transformative embrace of divine healing.

Impact on the Gospel Music Landscape As a contribution to the gospel music landscape, “WHOLE” is poised to make a significant impact. Its timeless message, coupled with the artistry of Duyile Adegbuyi and Tomi Favored, positions the song as a standout piece that adds depth to the worship experience. The collaboration reflects a commitment to using music as a conduit for spiritual expression and healing.


“WHOLE” by Duyile Adegbuyi featuring Tomi Favored is not merely a song; it is a symphony of healing and restoration. As listeners engage with its melodies and lyrics, they are invited into a sacred space where brokenness gives way to wholeness. The collaboration stands as a testament to the power of music to convey messages of redemption and the beauty that emerges when artists unite in the pursuit of creating transformative worship experiences.


Duyile Adegbuyi – WHOLE ft. Tomi Favored Lyrics

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