Efya – My Helper [Oluwa]


Efya unveils a touching and spiritually resonant composition with “My Helper [Oluwa].” In this song, the artist not only showcases her vocal prowess but also delves into themes of divine assistance and reliance on the Higher Power.

“My Helper [Oluwa]” signifies a connection to both Efya’s Ghanaian roots and a broader spiritual context. The lyrics of the song likely express a sense of gratitude and acknowledgment of the guidance and support received from the Divine. The title “Oluwa,” meaning God in Yoruba, hints at a multifaceted cultural and spiritual influence within the song.


Efya’s emotive delivery in “My Helper [Oluwa]” adds depth to the composition, creating an atmosphere of reverence and worship. The blend of soulful melodies and meaningful lyrics provides a platform for listeners to connect with the spiritual essence of the song.

Accompanying the song, there may be an official music video that visually enhances the message. Through creative storytelling and artistic expression, Efya could convey the themes of divine assistance and gratitude in a compelling manner, enriching the overall listening experience.

Beyond the artistic presentation, “My Helper [Oluwa]” serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement. Efya, through this musical offering, invites listeners to reflect on their own journey, acknowledging the presence of a guiding force and expressing gratitude for the assistance received.



Efya – My Helper [Oluwa] Lyrics

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