Esther Oji – Baba Eh (My Father)


Esther Oji’s influence extends beyond the confines of the music itself. Her compositions, including “Baba Eh,” become anthems of faith, resonating with individuals seeking solace, inspiration, and a deeper connection with their faith. Esther’s commitment to authenticity and her genuine passion for worship make her a beacon for those navigating their spiritual journeys.

As we anticipate the release of “Baba Eh (My Father)” by Esther Oji, we prepare ourselves for a musical experience that transcends the ordinary. Esther’s voice, marked by sincerity and devotion, has the power to lead listeners into a sacred space of worship.

Stay tuned for what promises to be a soul-stirring melody that will not only captivate the ears but also touch the hearts of those who seek a genuine connection with the divine through Esther Oji’s artistry.



Esther Oji Baba Eh (My Father) Lyrics

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