Evelyn Wanjiru – Na Iwe Maombi


Evelyn Wanjiru, the acclaimed gospel artist, once again graces the musical landscape with a composition that goes beyond mere entertainment. “Na Iwe Maombi” stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to weave together cultural richness, spiritual depth, and emotive melodies, creating an immersive experience for all who lend their ears to its harmonious call.

In the tapestry of sound, the opening verse resonates with the invitation to prayer. As Evelyn’s voice rises and falls in a seamless dance, she implores believers to let prayer be more than words—an intimate communion with the divine.

“Na Iwe Maombi” echoes through the chorus, becoming a rallying cry for the faithful. The harmonious convergence of vocals and instrumentation elevates the act of prayer, emphasizing its significance as a source of strength, solace, and spiritual empowerment.

With each verse, the lyrics unfold a narrative of surrender and devotion. Evelyn’s vocals become a vessel, carrying the heartfelt prayers of those who immerse themselves in the song. The power lies not just in the music but in the collective spirit of prayer it fosters.


The chorus returns, not as a mere repetition but as a reaffirmation of the song’s central theme. “Na Iwe Maombi” resounds with the timeless truth that prayer transcends language and culture—a universal language that unites believers in a shared spiritual journey.


Evelyn Wanjiru – Na Iwe Maombi Lyrics

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