Folabi Nuel – Call Me Blessed


Folabi Nuel, an influential figure in the vibrant Nigerian gospel music landscape, offers a soul-enriching experience with his stirring single titled “Call Me Blessed.” In this musical creation, Nuel’s artistry shines as he seamlessly merges heartfelt worship with a contemporary sound, creating a composition that resonates deeply with believers across diverse backgrounds.

The title, “Call Me Blessed,” is not merely a catchy phrase but encapsulates a scriptural affirmation, echoing the biblical promise of divine blessings and favor upon those who seek and trust in the Almighty.

The song’s composition is a testament to Nuel’s musical prowess, featuring an engaging arrangement that complements his emotive vocals. “Call Me Blessed” transcends the realm of mere musical performance; it is a declaration of faith and an invitation to partake in the prophetic assurance of experiencing God’s manifold blessings. Nuel’s sincere delivery, coupled with the melodic progression of the song, creates an atmosphere of worship and gratitude, inviting listeners to join in the uplifting journey.

Folabi Nuel’s commitment to crafting music that transcends entertainment is evident in “Call Me Blessed.” The song delves into themes of faith, favor, and the unwavering belief in God’s promises. Nuel’s ability to connect with his audience on a profound level through poignant lyrics and an engaging melody establishes him as a significant figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene, contributing to the spiritual nourishment of believers.



Folabi Nuel – Call Me Blessed Lyrics

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