Gamaliel Lombo – Likolo


Gamaliel Lombo, a highly esteemed and anointed Christian/Gospel singer and recording artist, has recently unveiled an exceptional single titled “Likolo,” making a noteworthy addition to the realm of kingdom music.

Widely recognized for his commanding vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Lombo introduces a refreshing sound that deeply resonates with listeners in search of spiritual inspiration. Beyond merely entertaining, Lombo’s mission extends to being a conduit for blessings through the transformative power of gospel music.

“Likolo” transcends the boundaries of a typical song; it is a spiritual odyssey encapsulated in melody and verse. The lyrics of the single stand as a testament to Lombo’s unwavering commitment to sharing the message of hope, faith, and love. With a profound connection to his faith, Gamaliel Lombo has crafted a musical masterpiece that not only showcases his exceptional musical talents but also serves as a vessel for conveying profound spiritual truths.

The official music video accompanying “Likolo” enriches the overall experience, providing a visual narrative that harmonizes with the song’s message. Through artistic expression and a discerning sense of storytelling, Lombo presents a visual spectacle that elevates the listener’s connection with the music. The video, akin to the song itself, mirrors Gamaliel Lombo’s steadfast commitment to utilizing his talents to uplift and inspire those who are touched by his work.


In essence, “Likolo” is not merely a song; it is a holistic and immersive artistic creation that transcends the auditory senses, delving into the spiritual realm. Gamaliel Lombo’s dedication to creating music that goes beyond the superficial, carrying a message of depth and significance, is evident in every note and frame of this impactful release.


Gamaliel Lombo – Likolo Lyrics

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