GLORY O’CLOCK By Oyinloluwa Ft ​⁠​⁠Dunsin Oyekan


“GLORY O’CLOCK” by Oyinloluwa Adetola featuring Dunsin Oyekan emerges as a recent musical revelation, captivating audiences with its transcendent and soul-stirring essence.

The collaboration between these two gifted artists has birthed a musical masterpiece that seamlessly melds Oyinloluwa’s distinctive vocal prowess with the soulful and anointed touch that Dunsin Oyekan brings to his collaborations. The title, “GLORY O’CLOCK,” offers a glimpse into the thematic focus of the song, suggesting a timely invitation to usher in the divine and experience a profound sense of spiritual connection.

As the song unfolds, listeners are drawn into a sacred journey of worship and praise, enveloped by the rich harmonies and ethereal melodies that characterize Oyinloluwa and Dunsin Oyekan’s collaboration. The lyrics resonate with an undeniable sense of reverence and awe, echoing the desire to bask in the glory of God’s presence and encounter His transformative power. With each note, “GLORY O’CLOCK” serves as a catalyst for spiritual awakening, inviting listeners to experience a deeper dimension of worship and intimacy with the divine.

Oyinloluwa Adetola’s evocative vocals complemented by Dunsin Oyekan’s anointed touch create a sonic tapestry that transcends the ordinary and transports listeners to a realm of transcendent beauty and spiritual renewal. The synergy between these two artists is palpable, as they seamlessly weave together their talents to craft a musical experience that resonates with authenticity and sincerity. “GLORY O’CLOCK” becomes more than just a song; it becomes a sacred anthem, ushering in moments of divine encounter and spiritual breakthrough for all who heed its call.



GLORY O’CLOCK By Oyinloluwa Adetola Ft ​⁠​⁠Dunsin Oyekan Lyrics

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