Goodluck Gozbert – Baba Hazai


In the soul-stirring anthem “Baba Hazai” by Goodluck Gozbert, listeners are enveloped in a heartfelt expression of reverence and gratitude towards God as the ultimate provider and sustainer of life.

The title itself, “Baba Hazai,” which translates to “Father of My Harvest,” serves as a poignant acknowledgment of God’s faithfulness in providing for His children’s needs. Through emotive vocals and stirring melodies, Gozbert crafts a musical masterpiece that resonates with themes of trust, dependence, and divine provision.

Gozbert’s composition serves as a spiritual declaration of dependence on God as the source of all blessings and the sustainer of life’s journey. Through heartfelt lyrics and expressive instrumentation, the song becomes a vessel for believers to express their gratitude and adoration for God’s abundant provision. As listeners are drawn into the melody, they are invited to reflect on the countless ways God has faithfully provided for them, acknowledging His sovereignty over every aspect of their lives.

Furthermore, “Baba Hazai” transcends the boundaries of individual worship experiences to foster a collective expression of faith and thanksgiving among believers. As the song resonates within congregations and communities, it becomes a unifying anthem that brings believers together in a shared acknowledgment of God’s goodness and provision. Through communal worship, believers are reminded of the importance of gratitude and dependence on God, inspiring them to cultivate a deeper sense of trust in His provision for their lives.



Goodluck Gozbert-Baba Hazai Lyrics

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