Israel Mbonyi – Sikiliza


“Sikiliza” by Israel Mbonyi serves as a profound musical journey, inviting listeners to pause, listen, and reflect on the messages embedded within its soul-stirring melodies and profound lyrics. Through its captivating composition, this song beckons individuals to open their hearts and minds to the wisdom and truth it conveys.

Content: “Sikiliza” begins with a gentle yet compelling melody, drawing listeners into a contemplative space where they can engage with the profound themes presented by Israel Mbonyi. The title itself, “Sikiliza,” meaning “Listen” in Swahili, sets the tone for the song’s central message: the importance of attentiveness and receptivity in our spiritual journey.


As the song progresses, Israel Mbonyi’s soulful vocals weave a narrative that speaks to the depths of the soul. Through poignant lyrics and evocative imagery, “Sikiliza” explores themes of introspection, revelation, and spiritual awakening, prompting listeners to examine their lives and seek deeper meaning and purpose.

Throughout the song, Israel Mbonyi’s impassioned delivery serves as a catalyst for introspection and transformation. His emotive vocals convey a sense of urgency and conviction, compelling listeners to heed the call to listen not only with their ears but with their hearts and souls.

“Sikiliza” is more than just a song; it’s a profound invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. As listeners immerse themselves in its melodies and meditate on its message, they are encouraged to embrace a posture of openness and receptivity, allowing the truths conveyed by the music to penetrate their hearts and minds.



Israel Mbonyi – Sikiliza Lyrics

He has forgiven me
His shed blood
Damu yake iliyomwagika

It has overcome all judgment
Imeshinda hukumu yote

It has set me free
Imeniweka huru tele

I sing I am forgiven
Ninaimba nimesamehewa

He has set me free
Ameniwaka huru télé

I sing he has forgiven me
Ninaimba amenisamehe
1. Holiness and Godliness he stripped
1.Utakatifu na Umungu alivua

He agreed to reveal the book
Kakubali kufunua kile kitabu

Come find the lost
Kaja tafuta aliyepotea

That’s who I crucified
Huyo ni mi niliyemsulubisha
There were many indictments
Nyalaka za mashitaka zilikuwa nyingi

All Babylon knew my name
Babiloni yote ilijua jina langu

Except after his death
Ila baada ya kifo chake

Jesus’ blood overcame judgment
Damu yake Yesu ilishinda hukumu
2. Listen to the mountain and let me tell you
2.Sikiliza we mlima nikwambie

I have erected a memorial banner
Nimesimika bendela ya ukumbusho

I will come back to witness you,
Nitarudi nikushuhudie,

He changed me and gave me a new name
amenibadisha akanipa jina jipya

I will not remove my foot from the pool of Jesus’ blood
Sitaomdoa mguu wangu katika hilo bwawa la damu yake Yesu
3. I am no longer dependent on me
3.Mimi sio tena wanayenitegemea

But what God wants is what I want
Bali yule Mungu anae nitakia

He changed me with his blood
Menibadilisha kwa damu yake

He deleted the old names and gave me a new name
Amefuta majina ya kale akanipa jina jipya

Many thought I was the old one
Wengi walifikiri mi ni yule wa kale

Many thought I was still doing the old thing
Wengi walidhani bado natenda ya kale

Listen, I have been changed, he deleted the old names and gave me a new name
Sikilizeni nimebadilishwa, amefuta majina ya kale akanipa jina jipya

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