Jacob Collier – Witness Me Ft. Tori Kelly & Jimmy Kimmel


Prepare to be enthralled as Jacob Collier teams up with powerhouse vocalist Tori Kelly in their latest collaboration, “Witness Me,” featuring a surprise appearance by the ever-charismatic Jimmy Kimmel.

The musical synergy between Collier and Kelly is nothing short of magical, as their voices blend seamlessly over Collier’s signature intricate arrangements. “Witness Me” is an auditory feast, showcasing Collier’s ability to weave together genres with a masterful touch. Tori Kelly’s emotive delivery adds a layer of depth to the song, creating an unforgettable musical experience that resonates with both heart and soul.

The unexpected appearance of Jimmy Kimmel in the collaboration adds a delightful element of surprise. Kimmel, known for his wit and humor, brings a lighthearted charm to the mix, creating a dynamic contrast to the soulful and intricate musicality of Collier and Kelly.

The collaboration not only highlights the versatility of these artists but also showcases the boundless potential for creative expression in the realm of contemporary music. “Witness Me” becomes more than just a song; it transforms into a celebration of musical diversity and the joy of shared creativity.




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