Jason Gray – Jesus Loves You (And I’M Trying)


Jason Gray, a seasoned artist in the realm of Christian music, offers a heartfelt and introspective composition with his song, “Jesus Loves You (And I’m Trying).” Through this musical piece, Gray not only showcases his musical prowess but also delves into the complexities of faith and the ongoing journey to comprehend and embody the profound truth that Jesus loves each individual.

The title succinctly encapsulates the essence of the song—an acknowledgment of the universal and unwavering love of Jesus juxtaposed with the artist’s sincere effort to embrace and reflect that love in daily life.

The composition of “Jesus Loves You (And I’m Trying)” features a delicate blend of acoustic elements, creating a melodic arrangement that complements Gray’s soulful vocals. The song becomes more than just a musical performance; it transforms into a transparent and relatable narrative of the Christian experience.

Gray’s vulnerability in expressing the ongoing struggle to fully grasp and live out the love of Jesus adds authenticity to the lyrics, making the song a poignant exploration of the challenges and beauty found in the journey of faith.



Jason Gray – Jesus Loves You (And I’M Trying) Lyrics

Here you come again, raising trouble in my comments section
I know I can always count on you
To be the final word on public health, religion, and elections
You even brought a YouTube clip for proof
I want to bring the heat, I stop and take a beat
I type, then I delete
Until I find a way to say a kind thing without lying
“Yes, Jesus loves you, and I’m trying”

They say that every family has to have that one obnoxious uncle
You have the distinction of being mine
Lame magic tricks and politics, big stories about how you’re humble
When it’s time to eat you cut in line
The first one back for more, the last one out the door
It’s been that way since the divorce
So I’ll laugh at the jokes you tell to keep yourself from crying
“Yes Jesus loves you, and I’m trying”


It’s less about a feeling, and more about deciding
And that’s not always easy to do
‘Cause love is most alive in me when it feels the most like dying
If I say I love the One who died for you, might help if I believe it for me too

It’s like the song says it begins right here with the man in the mirror
If I hope to love my neighbor well
‘Cause I’ve lived long enough to learn the faults I find in others
Are the same things I don’t like about myself
My shame goes on parade, when I need someone to blame
But grace whispers my name
God help me speak these words into the parts of me I’m hiding
“Yes Jesus love me, yes Jesus loves me, Oh yes Jesus loves me, And I’m trying”

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