Jide Aladesanmi – Gbogbo Okan Mi Dupe


In “Gbogbo Okan Mi Dupe,” Jide Aladesanmi skillfully weaves together elements of contemporary gospel music with the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria.

The result is a composition that resonates with authenticity and bridges the gap between traditional and modern worship expressions. Aladesanmi’s commitment to infusing his music with spiritual depth is evident, making this release not only a musical journey but also a heartfelt offering to the divine.

As listeners engage with “Gbogbo Okan Mi Dupe,” they are invited to reflect on the blessings and grace that permeate their lives. The song becomes a medium for personal introspection and communal celebration, reminding the audience of the power of gratitude in fostering a connection with the divine.

Jide Aladesanmi’s “Gbogbo Okan Mi Dupe” is a testament to the enduring beauty of gospel music as a source of inspiration and a conduit for spiritual reflection.



Gbogbo Okan Mi Dupe – Jide Aladesanmi Lyrics

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