Jonathan McReynolds – Church People (Reprise) Feat. Pastor Mike Todd And the Walls Group


“Church People (Reprise)” is the third track on Jonathan McReynolds’ album “People,” released in 2020. With a concise duration of 1 minute and 43 seconds, it serves as a brief yet impactful addition to the album. Featuring Pastor Mike Todd and the Walls Group, this reprise is likely to offer a spiritual and musical interlude within the collection.

As a Christian artist, Jonathan McReynolds often collaborates with fellow musicians and spiritual leaders to create meaningful and soul-stirring music. “Church People (Reprise)” is a testament to this collaborative spirit, bringing together voices and talents to convey a message of faith and unity. Despite its brevity, it has the potential to leave a lasting impression on listeners.


In the context of the “People” album, “Church People (Reprise)” likely adds depth and variety to the overall listening experience. It showcases McReynolds’ commitment to creating a musical journey that touches the hearts of those who appreciate Christian music and its ability to convey profound messages of hope and spirituality.




Church People (Reprise) Lyrics By Jonathan McReynolds

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