Jonathan McReynolds – Jesus Feat. Corey Barksdale


The final track on Jonathan McReynolds’ album “Life Music, Stage Two” is the spiritually charged song “Jesus,” featuring Corey Barksdale. This song is an extended composition with a duration of 6 minutes and 12 seconds, making it one of the lengthier tracks on the album.

Given the Christian genre and the title “Jesus,” it’s safe to assume that this song is a heartfelt expression of faith and worship. McReynolds and Barksdale are likely to deliver powerful vocal performances that convey a deep sense of reverence and devotion to their faith.


The extended duration of the song allows for an immersive listening experience, inviting the audience to reflect on the lyrics and engage with the spiritual message conveyed. “Jesus” is positioned as the closing statement of the album, indicating that it may serve as a climactic and emotionally resonant conclusion to the musical journey presented in “Life Music, Stage Two.” This track is poised to leave a lasting impression on listeners with its combination of vocal prowess and spiritual depth.




Jesus Lyrics By Jonathan McReynolds

Every city, I travel to
I ask a Christian, why do they believe
Is it nature, or a feeling
Or some sense of destiny
Did you find God in logic
Or did church come with your last name
No the number one reason they say He’s real
Is ever since they met Him they’ve been changed

He’s the only one
That can help you
If you go to Him
And be sincere
His blood will restore your soul

Don’t worry
No one can judge you
We’re all sinners in need of grace (yes we are)
And no matter what,
God will love you
Just make sure you’re among the save
See, He already knows (already knows)
The real you (the real you)
So go on and bare your soul
Cause He can pick up the broken pieces
Of your life and make it whole

Jesus (oh I’m convinced that)
He’s the only one
That can help you
If you go to Him (when you pray to Him)
And be sincere
His blood (it)
Will (will)
restore your soul

Yes it will
His name is (Jesus)
Jesus, He’s my savior, He’s my friend
The lover of my soul (Jesus)
Jesus, when I call Him, He came running
He came running, just for me (Jesus)
When I pray, He came to fix it
He came to see, about me His child yeah (Jesus)
And I know He will do the same for you

When you go to Him
And be sincere
His blood will restore your soul

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