Jonathan McReynolds – Key of G (Throwback)


Jonathan McReynolds’ album “Sessions” offers a unique glimpse into his musical journey, with “Key of G (Throwback)” serving as the opening track. Released in 2016, this album comprises a total of 6 tracks, each showcasing McReynolds’ incredible talent in the Christian music genre. Despite its short duration of just 55 seconds, “Key of G (Throwback)” sets the stage for the rest of the album, providing a brief but captivating musical interlude.

While the song’s brevity may leave listeners wanting more, it serves as a delightful teaser, leaving them eager to explore the rest of the tracks on “Sessions.” Jonathan McReynolds’ ability to convey deep emotions and messages through his music is evident even in this short piece, making it a valuable addition to his discography. “Sessions” as a whole is a testament to his dedication to creating soul-stirring Christian music that resonates with audiences.


Jonathan McReynolds’ “Key of G (Throwback)” is a brief yet impactful introduction to his album “Sessions,” released in 2016. This short but sweet musical moment reflects McReynolds’ ability to craft engaging and spiritually uplifting compositions within the Christian genre, setting the tone for what’s to come in the rest of the album. With just 55 seconds, McReynolds leaves a lasting impression on his listeners, making them eager to dive deeper into his musical journey.




Key of G (Throwback) Lyrics By Jonathan McReynolds

I’m ready

Can I sing your song
With your words
Your cords, and harmonies

I can’t, go wrong
When its, your melody

My auto, tune set
To your heart
So speak through me

Your will, be done
And I’ll run
This in your key

The key of G-O-D
The key of G-O-D
The key of G-O-D
The key of G-O-D
So work in me G-O-D
Has anybody noticed this is G and D

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