Jonathan McReynolds – L.R.F. (Rollercoasters)


“L.R.F. (Rollercoasters),” the fourth track on Jonathan McReynolds’ 2018 album “Make Room,” takes listeners on a musical journey through the ups and downs of life’s rollercoaster-like experiences. With a duration of just over three minutes, McReynolds delivers a compact yet impactful message about the unpredictability of life’s challenges and joys.

In “L.R.F. (Rollercoasters),” McReynolds’ Christian perspective shines through as he encourages listeners to trust in God’s guidance during the turbulent moments of life. The song’s brevity adds to its punch, reminding us that life’s rollercoasters are unpredictable but can be navigated with faith and resilience.


Jonathan McReynolds’ ability to craft concise yet meaningful songs is evident in “L.R.F. (Rollercoasters),” making it a memorable addition to his Christian music repertoire. This track serves as a reminder that even in life’s shortest and most intense moments, faith can provide the strength needed to ride out the rollercoasters with grace and hope.




L.R.F. (Rollercoasters) Lyrics By Jonathan McReynolds

It’s too early for all this
Listen, y’all know that I’m kind of a observant person
I find revelation in everything
If you go to an amusement park, look at the roller coasters
There are two types of roller coaster riders
There’s one like me, who’s very quiet
Holds on to the bar real tight
And then you have another one
They just throw up their hands and scream, “Ah!”
The weird part about it is me
Who’s sitting there, tryin’ to be all cool about it
And I’m holding everything in
I’m feeling all those drops more than the people
That have their hands up shouting
And it just seems like in this season
It just seems like God is purposely putting me
Through a little bit of roller coaster action
Some rises and some falls
Just to see if for once, I would just “Ah!”
Jesus, Jesus, I can’t do this by myself

There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every cycle, to break all these cycles
To break all these cycles
To end all these cycles
Do away with these cycles
Help me end these cycles
Work on me, Jesus, cycles
Work on me, Jesus, cycles
Work on me, Jesus, cycles
Work on me, God, cycles
Work on me, God, cycles, cycles

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