Jonathan McReynolds – Life Music [Full Album]


In 2012, Jonathan McReynolds released his debut album, “Life Music,” a remarkable collection of 13 tracks that marked the beginning of his career as a Christian artist. While the specific song titles and track numbers aren’t provided, the album is a testament to McReynolds’ talent and passion for delivering heartfelt Christian music.

With a total duration of 49 minutes, “Life Music” likely offers a diverse range of songs that explore themes of faith, worship, and personal growth. Jonathan McReynolds’ ability to combine his soulful voice with powerful lyrics has made him a prominent figure in the Christian music genre, and this debut album laid the foundation for his future success.


Listeners can expect to find songs that inspire, uplift, and connect them to their faith journey within the rich tapestry of “Life Music.” This album served as a meaningful introduction to McReynolds’ artistry, setting the stage for the impactful music he would continue to create in the years to come.

List of Tracks in “Life Music” Album By Jonathan McReynolds

  1. Everything
  2. I Love You
  3. No Gray
  4. Lovin’ Me
  5. Comin’ Out
  6. No Longer
  7. One Prayer Away
  8. I Made It
  9. Smile (feat. Ashley Washington)
  10. Cannot Tell It All
  11. Glory Up
  12. Why (feat. Corey Barksdale)
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