Jonathan McReynolds – Life Music Stage Two [Full Album]


Jonathan McReynolds’ album “Life Music, Stage Two,” released in 2015, is a testament to his remarkable talent as a Christian artist. With a duration of 53 minutes, this album offers a collection of tracks that resonate with themes of faith, hope, and devotion.

One standout feature of “Life Music, Stage Two” is McReynolds’ ability to blend contemporary Christian music with heartfelt lyrics that touch the soul. The album likely includes a range of tracks that explore various aspects of Christian life and spirituality, offering listeners a diverse musical and spiritual experience.


As a whole, “Life Music, Stage Two” is likely to have received acclaim from both fans and critics, solidifying Jonathan McReynolds’ position as a prominent figure in the Christian music genre. The album’s duration of 53 minutes provides ample time for McReynolds to convey his messages of faith and hope, making it a meaningful and impactful musical journey for his audience.

List of Tracks in “Life Music Stage Two” Album By Jonathan McReynolds

  1. Got My Love
  2. Gotta Have You
  3. Whole (feat. India.Arie)
  4. Maintain (feat. Chantae Cann)
  5. Pressure
  6. Christ Representers
  7. The Way That You Love Me
  8. Full Attention
  9. Limp
  10. Oh!
  11. Stay High (feat. Derek Minor)
  12. All Things Well (feat. Israel Houghton)
  13. Jesus (feat. Corey Barksdale)
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