Jonathan McReynolds – Make Room [Full Album]


In 2018, Jonathan McReynolds released his album “Make Room,” a remarkable compilation of Christian music consisting of 13 tracks with a total duration of 1 hour and 4 minutes. This album solidified McReynolds’ reputation as a prominent figure in contemporary gospel music, showcasing his exceptional talent in both songwriting and vocal performance.

Each track on “Make Room” resonates with spiritual depth and sincerity, capturing McReynolds’ heartfelt devotion to his faith. The album explores themes of worship, praise, and personal introspection, inviting listeners on a soul-stirring journey of spiritual connection. From the title track “Make Room” to the closing notes of the album, McReynolds’ music offers a powerful and uplifting experience for all who seek inspiration through Christian music.


“Make Room” stands as a testament to Jonathan McReynolds’ ability to create music that transcends genres and speaks directly to the hearts of his audience. This album has left an indelible mark on the world of Christian music, reminding us of the enduring power of faith-infused melodies and lyrics.

List of Track in “Make Room” Album by Jonathan McReynolds

  1. Life Room Anthem (feat. Dee-1)
  2. Great Is the Lord (feat. Tonya Baker & Corey Barksdale)
  3. Cycles (feat. DOE)
  4. L.R.F. (Rollercoasters)
  5. Comparison Kills
  6. Graduate (feat. The HamilTones)
  7. Better
  8. L.R.F. (Keep On Doin’ Better) [feat. Darrel Walls, Alic Walls, & Latice Crawford]
  9. Not Lucky, I’m Loved
  10. Make Room
  11. L.R.F. (Move That Over) [feat. Travis Greene, Anthony Brown, & Brian Courtney Wilson]
  12. Lover of My Soul
  13. Smile (Life Room) [feat. Grashovia “Grandy” Wilson]
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