Jonathan McReynolds – People [Full Album]


Jonathan McReynolds, the celebrated artist in the Christian music genre, released his album “People” in 2020. With a total of 8 tracks and a duration of 27 minutes, this album is a testament to McReynolds’ talent in crafting spiritually uplifting and soul-stirring music.

While the specific track titles aren’t provided, McReynolds’ music in “People” is known for its ability to touch the hearts of listeners and convey messages of faith, hope, and love. As with his previous works, this album likely features McReynolds’ signature blend of heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, creating an immersive and spiritually enriching musical experience for all who listen.


“People” is a testament to Jonathan McReynolds’ commitment to his craft and his dedication to sharing messages of faith and positivity through his music. As a prominent figure in the Christian music genre, McReynolds continues to inspire and uplift his audience, and “People” is another chapter in his journey of musical ministry.

List of Tracks in “People” Album By Jonathan McReynolds

  1. Best Thing
  2. People
  3. Church People (Reprise) [feat. Pastor Mike Todd & the Walls Group]
  4. Cathedral
  5. Movin’ On
  6. Situation
  7. He Knows
  8. Grace
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