Josh Shaffer – Holy Forever


As an artist, Josh Shaffer brings authenticity and vulnerability to his craft, evident in every nuance of “Holy Forever.” His ability to connect on a personal level with his audience transforms the listening experience into a sacred encounter.

The song serves as a reminder that, beyond its artistic merits, music can be a conduit for spiritual reflection and communal expression. “Holy Forever” encapsulates Shaffer’s dedication to creating music that transcends the secular, offering a profound and lasting impact on those who engage with its divine message.

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary Christian music, Josh Shaffer’s “Holy Forever” emerges as a beacon of inspiration and a timeless addition to the genre.

It not only showcases Shaffer’s musical prowess but also invites listeners to embrace the enduring nature of faith and devotion. As the melody unfolds, “Holy Forever” becomes more than a song – it becomes a sacred companion, guiding hearts towards a deeper connection with the eternal.



Josh Shaffer – Holy Forever Lyrics

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