Kirk Franklin, The Family & God’s Property – Silver and Gold (30 Year Anniversary Performance)


The performance of “Silver and Gold” by Kirk Franklin, The Family, and God’s Property for its 30 Year Anniversary is likely a special celebration of a significant milestone in the song’s history. Here’s an elaboration on what this performance could entail:

The fact that this is a 30-year anniversary performance indicates a celebration of the enduring impact and success of “Silver and Gold.” This gospel song, originally released in the early 1990s, has likely continued to resonate with audiences over the decades.


“Silver and Gold” is one of Kirk Franklin’s early gospel hits, known for its catchy and uplifting lyrics. The performance may include reflections on the song’s impact, its journey over the years, and how it has become a timeless piece in the gospel music genre.

The involvement of both The Family and God’s Property suggests a collaborative and possibly expansive performance. Different vocalists and musical arrangements from these groups may be featured, adding layers to the song’s interpretation.

The performance may include a special arrangement of “Silver and Gold” for the anniversary celebration. This could involve reimagined musical elements, additional vocal harmonies, or even an orchestral accompaniment to give the song a fresh and celebratory feel.




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