Labisi – Ijo (Remix) ft. GGTQ All Stars


“Ijo,” meaning “dance” in Yoruba, takes on a renewed energy in this remix, blending Labisi’s original sound with the unique styles and contributions of the GGTQ All Stars. Labisi’s ability to infuse the track with infectious beats and catchy melodies remains a constant, while the collaboration introduces a fresh perspective to the popular song.

The music video accompanying the remix adds a visual dimension to the auditory feast, featuring vibrant choreography and dynamic visuals that complement the lively atmosphere of the song. Labisi and the GGTQ All Stars not only deliver an engaging musical experience but also invite listeners to immerse themselves in the joyous celebration depicted in the visuals.

“Ijo (Remix)” becomes more than just a song; it transforms into a representation of collaborative artistry and the vibrant tapestry of musical talent within the GGTQ All Stars collective. As Labisi and the ensemble continue to push creative boundaries, this remix stands as a testament to their commitment to delivering music that not only entertains but also unites diverse musical influences into a harmonious celebration of rhythm and dance.



Labisi – Ijo (Remix) ft. GGTQ All Stars Lyrics

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