LaTocha – This Christmas Wrapped With Love [Full Album]


Title: Download LaTocha – This Christmas Wrapped With Love [Full Album] [MP3+Lyrics]

LaTocha, the powerhouse vocalist from the legendary R&B group Xscape, has graced us with a heartfelt and soulful Christmas album titled “This Christmas Wrapped with Love.” This seven-track collection is a delightful blend of traditional holiday classics and original compositions, all infused with LaTocha’s signature warmth and captivating vocal prowess.

The album seamlessly blends traditional carols like “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night” with LaTocha’s own original compositions, each one adding a unique touch to the holiday tapestry. In “O Holy Night,” her voice soars with angelic reverence, while in “Merry Christmas,” she infuses the classic with a playful and soulful twist.


Throughout the album, LaTocha’s impeccable vocal control and emotive delivery are on full display. She effortlessly transitions from gentle whispers to powerful crescendos, capturing the essence of each song with her captivating artistry.

“This Christmas Wrapped with Love” is more than just a collection of holiday tunes; it’s an invitation to embrace the spirit of the season with open hearts and renewed hope. LaTocha’s soulful renditions of familiar carols and her heartfelt original compositions evoke a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and the simple joys that make Christmas truly special.

With its blend of traditional classics and original compositions, LaTocha’s “This Christmas Wrapped with Love” is a must-have addition to any holiday playlist. Her soulful vocals, heartfelt songwriting, and impeccable musicianship create a truly enchanting listening experience, perfect for cozying up by the fireplace or sharing with loved ones. So, dim the lights, gather your family and friends, and let LaTocha’s voice transport you to a Christmas filled with love, joy, and the true spirit of the season.


List Of Tracks: LaTocha – This Christmas Wrapped With Love [Full Album]

  1. Peace, Joy, Love
  2. Merry Christmas
  3. Coming Home
  4. Joy To The World
  5. If The World Could See
  6. Bring Back Christmas
  7. Silent Night, Holy Night
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