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One of our bodest options, the majestic resume template emphasizes your name against the backdrop of a city skyline.

One of our boldest options, the Majestic resume template emphasizes your name against a city skyline backdrop.


The attention-grabbing header is complemented by standard resume formatting that clearly outlines your qualifications. We chose sans-serif font that’s easy on the eyes to encourage employers to read every word of your resume.

We recommend using the Majestic resume template to apply for jobs that require big-picture thinking, including consultant and business analyst positions. (Click Get Resume Below)

Key Features:

  1. Adaptable Design: Our templates are thoughtfully designed to accommodate diverse career paths, making them suitable for professionals in any industry. Whether you’re in finance, marketing, technology, or healthcare, our templates offer the flexibility to showcase your unique skills and experiences.
  2. Modern Aesthetics: Stay on trend with contemporary design elements that catch the eye without compromising professionalism. Clean layouts, stylish fonts, and subtle color palettes create a visually appealing document that leaves a lasting impression.
  3. User-Friendly Formatting: Navigate the resume-building process seamlessly with user-friendly formatting. Effortlessly input your information, and watch as the template organizes it into a cohesive and well-structured document.
  4. Comprehensive Sections: Highlight your qualifications effectively with well-defined sections covering essential areas such as professional experience, education, skills, and achievements. Our templates guide you through presenting your story in a compelling manner.
  5. Customizable and Editable: Tailor your resume to your unique career journey with ease. Our templates are fully customizable, allowing you to modify fonts, colors, and layouts to suit your personal style and preferences.
  6. Optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Ensure that your resume passes through ATS screening seamlessly. Our templates are optimized to meet ATS requirements, increasing your chances of making it to the next stage of the hiring process.
  7. Professional Tone and Language: Strike the right balance between professionalism and individuality with language that resonates across industries. Our templates guide you in presenting your achievements and qualifications in a tone that speaks to a broad audience.

Suitable for all jobs roles, even with  Insurance personnel, Gas & Electricity personnel, Loans management personnel, Mortgage personnel, Attorney and Lawyer, IT personnel, and suitable for all.


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Loan insurance, Auto insurance

Ten of the Biggest Auto Insurance Companies (May 2024)

Seventy-five percent of all automobile insurance plans are written by one of the ten largest insurance firms. A whopping 16 percent of the market belongs to State Farm.

There is a wide variation in price, service quality, and many other aspects between the largest insurance firms. It’s important to know what makes each of the ten top U.S. vehicle insurance companies different, so that you can pick the best one for your needs.

What are the largest car insurance companies?

In terms of market share and premiums written, State Farm is the leading vehicle insurance provider in the United States, followed by Geico, Progressive, and Allstate. There are a lot of well-known brands when it comes to car insurance firms in the US, thanks to their national television advertising campaigns.

Even yet, the 10 largest insurance firms in the United States (listed below) all have varied insurance premiums, customer claim experiences, and features. We always suggest that customers looking for the best deals compare insurance quotes from multiple providers to get the best deal.

2. The State Farm

When it comes to car insurance, State Farm is a terrific option for those seeking a local agent, a more customized experience, and rates that are lower than average.

With a market share of 16 percent, State Farm Insurance is America’s largest vehicle insurance firm. For private passenger auto insurance premiums, State Farm is responsible for more than 15% of the money spent.

An estimated total of roughly 19,000 agents work for the business. As a mutual insurance firm, State Farm is owned by all of its policyholders, not just the company’s executives.

This list’s largest and most generally available vehicle insurer, State Farm, provides the lowest car insurance premiums across the majority of the United States.

In addition, the insurance company Geico

In terms of car insurance, Geico is one of the more affordable options. A wide range of options and a simple purchasing experience are provided by this product.

More than 16 million auto policies have been underwritten by Geico, famed for its animated gecko commercials, which insure more than 24 million vehicles. The company has nine regional offices, three service centers, and three claims centers that employ more than 40,000 individuals.

When Geico first started off, the majority of its customers were government workers and military personnel. The insurance company’s customer base has extended to include private sector workers today.

With the largest vehicle insurance companies, we found that Geico is the best option for college students.

Ascension 3.

If you have been involved in an accident before, Progressive can give you a discount on your insurance premiums. Claims satisfaction and coverage options, on the other hand, are on par with industry standards.

As the country’s third-largest insurance provider, Progressive was founded in 1937. Purchasing auto insurance from this provider is possible in three ways: in person, online, or by phone. Customers can also sign up for insurance through independent agents.

In total, the corporation employs over 35,000 individuals and maintains a network of over 400 locations. Investors can purchase shares of Progressive.

Allstate is the fourth company mentioned.

Allstate’s claims satisfaction ratings are often higher than the national average, but the company’s premiums are also higher. Discounts are available from the insurance company to make plans more reasonable for consumers.

Allstate Insurance Company, founded in 1931, is the second-largest publicly listed property and casualty insurance company in the United States. Allstate, like State Farm, offers a network of local representatives ready to assist you. More than 46,000 individuals are currently employed by the organization.

Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, operates in the same market. When it comes to insurance policies, there are two types: those who want to shop about for the best deal and those who prefer personalized attention.

5. United States Air Force

One of the greatest car insurance companies in the country is USAA. As a USAA customer, you’ll enjoy low rates, excellent customer service, and fast claims resolution. USAA’s limited membership is the only disadvantage.

In 1922, a group of 25 Army officers decided to insure each other’s automobiles and created USAA. This includes current and past military personnel, their families and cadets or midshipmen. The company serves millions of members linked with the United States military today.

San Antonio serves as the corporate headquarters for USAA. Three-quarters of a mile is the distance covered by the corporate campus. San Antonio’s largest private firm, USAA, is headquartered here.

It’s no surprise that USAA is a prominent choice for veterans and active military personnel looking for affordable vehicle insurance.

Sixth, Farmers

Farmer’s was once a motor insurance company for farmers. As a result of its growth, it is now the nation’s seventh-largest insurance provider.

Many insurance companies don’t have as many options as Farmers. Car, pet, and financial packages are just some of the options available through this company. More than 19 million policies are insured by Farmers across the United States.

Seventh, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Customers are less satisfied with Liberty Mutual’s claims handling than the industry average, and this is reflected in the company’s rates, which vary significantly by region.

Liberty Mutual has been established for over a century and is one of the top insurance providers in the United States. With activities in 17 different countries, it has a significant international footprint. There are property and casualty and health and life insurance products offered by the business.

You can acquire Liberty Mutual car insurance through its call center, online, a local Liberty Mutual agent or broker, or representatives from Liberty Mutual’s regional subsidiaries. Liberty Mutual’s coverage has the benefit of a year-long rate guarantee.

No State Is Exempt

Nationwide’s customer ratings tend to be poor, and the company’s affordability is below average. Standard coverages and discounts are available from Nationwide, a prominent national insurer.

Financial services, business lines, and personal lines are all available from Nationwide in all 50 states. More than $430 million in donations to charitable organizations have been made by the corporation from the year 2000.

On Your Side” is the slogan of Nationwide Insurance, and it determines how claims are handled and how plans and rates are calculated. An annual check-up is also recommended to ensure that policyholders are aware of their benefits and coverage as well as any new discounts or modifications that may help keep premiums low. The “On Your Side” review is the name given to this consultation by Nationwide.

For clients who want to save money by combining their home and car insurance policies, Nationwide is the ideal option.

The American Family

If you’re shopping around for car insurance, consider American Family. The organization has reasonable rates that can be even better if policyholders take advantage of the many discounts it offers.

In the beginning, American Family Insurance was a farm insurance company. At this time, they began to focus on non-farmers, as well as farmers. Today, the corporation is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States and the largest insurer in Wisconsin.

American Family is known for its generous discounts, which make its already reasonable prices even more affordable for clients. American Family, on the other hand, currently only underwrites plans in 17 states.

A total of ten people

Travelers is a wonderful option for car insurance coverage because of its moderate complaints and wide range of discounts.

In business for more than a century, Travelers is a venerable institution. Prior to the introduction of the Ford Model T, Travelers provided their first vehicle insurance coverage.

More than 30,000 people work for the organization, and there are 13,500 independent agents and brokers all over the world, including the U.S., Canada, and Brazil, among others.

IntelliDrive, a rate pricing program offered by Travelers, assesses your safe driving habits using a smartphone app to calculate your prices. Annual insurance costs can be reduced by up to 20% by signing up for IntelliDrive and demonstrating safe driving practices.

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