The upcoming “Mid-Night Prayer-Vengeance and Judgemental Night” event slated for February 5th, under the guidance of Dr. Paul Enenche, promises to be a profoundly transformative experience, marked by spiritual warfare and fervent supplication. Dr. Paul Enenche, revered as the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, is widely recognized for his impactful prayers and anointed teachings that ignite believers’ hearts to engage in fervent prayer and seek divine intervention. This event, strategically themed around vengeance and judgment, taps into the timeless biblical principles of spiritual warfare and justice.

Anticipated attendees can prepare for an evening of intense spiritual engagement encompassing prayer, worship, and spiritual impartation under the leadership of Dr. Paul Enenche. With a focus on invoking God’s vengeance and justice against all forms of oppression and injustice, the event aims to empower believers to stand firm against spiritual adversaries that seek to hinder their progress and thwart God’s divine purposes. The theme of vengeance and judgment resonates deeply with the scriptural mandate for believers to contend with spiritual forces and align themselves with God’s agenda for justice and righteousness.


Throughout the event, participants can expect to engage in fervent prayers and declarations, aligning their hearts and minds with God’s will and purposes. Through worship and spiritual warfare, attendees will be encouraged to rise above the challenges and adversities they face, trusting in God’s unfailing justice and provision. Dr. Paul Enenche’s leadership and anointing will guide believers as they petition heaven for divine intervention and breakthrough in every area of their lives.

As believers unite in prayer and worship during the “Mid-Night Prayer-Vengeance and Judgemental Night,” they will be empowered to confront spiritual strongholds and advance God’s kingdom agenda on earth. The event serves as a catalyst for spiritual awakening and transformation, equipping believers with the tools and confidence to stand firm in their faith and contend for God’s justice and righteousness in every sphere of influence. Through collective prayer and intercession, attendees will experience the tangible presence and power of God, ushering in a new season of victory and breakthrough in their lives and communities.

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