Ms King – You Say


Ms King’s honest and vulnerable approach to “You Say” elevates the song into a poignant narrative. The lyrics delve into the struggles of self-doubt and insecurity, offering a relatable portrayal of the universal journey of discovering one’s value and worth.

The title itself serves as a powerful refrain, encapsulating the central theme of the song — the profound impact of God’s affirmations on shaping our perceptions and self-esteem.

Musically, “You Say” is a harmonious blend of contemporary gospel sounds with Ms King’s distinctive voice taking center stage. The arrangement is both uplifting and emotive, creating an immersive sonic experience. The careful orchestration, combined with Ms King’s sincere vocal delivery, ensures that the song becomes a channel for listeners to connect with the spiritual and emotional depth embedded in each verse and chorus.

As “You Say” establishes Ms King’s presence in the gospel genre, it not only showcases her musical prowess but also positions her as an artist with a unique ability to articulate meaningful messages through her music. The song becomes a powerful declaration that transcends genres, offering a source of strength and encouragement for those navigating the complex journey of self-discovery. Ms King’s “You Say” is a testimony to the transformative love of the Divine and a testament to her artistry as she weaves a narrative that resonates deeply with the human experience.



Ms King – You Say Lyrics

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